Friday, December 30, 2011

Burst in Pink

A  small fun piece - canvas board glued on board! all about color!

Ciel en Feu - Fiery Skies

A favorite theme...with the knife! Feasting on shapes & color! 

After the walk on the beach

Could not resist using my pickings...SOLD

Lilies, my way!

This painting was done about 10 years ago...just re-discovered it! Naive but vibrant!

Picasso and I

Just found this photo...this was at the Picasso Museum in Paris, in year 2000! A great museum, a great artist!

Moonlight over Rocks

Composed of 4  30x30 canvases, this painting was created for the Art Reach program, a  collaboration between artists and St. Joseph's Hospital in Nashua, N.H. to harness the healing power of the arts. 
It is hanging in the entrance atrium.

Petite Fleur

A spontaneous flower...just for fun!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Tear

Beautiful hues in blue and turquoise...the leaves representing the locks of a woman, look for a face with the eye shedding a tear - rose.

A collaborative exhibit poster

Life's maze

Is life is just a big puzzlee?

Gladioli Bouquet

Must be's gladioli time. SOLD

Fleurs & Fruits

Still life is not in my repertoire, but who can resist the fruit and flowers in summertime.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

2 lillies


Washday...with doggies!

Love Dove Blue

                                        A great fun piece as I played with shapes and colors 
                                               for a message of Love and Peace.         

L'Amour et la Vie

Multi-media tryptich - in collaboration with multi-media artist Jacqui Hawk. This tree of life and love depicts the different phases of love as the seasons change:  a first kiss under spring flowers, love and passion under a summer moon and the more melancholic times in the fall, calm and enduring love. (SOLD)

Wheat Field & Hills

One of my favorite theme - soft hills and fields to soothe the eyes and the soul.
Oil on canvas